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Training Courses

Training Courses - The concept of training healthcare workers especially in EMS area – towards Basic life support, advance life support has picked up slowly here in India. Hospitals and Doctors have understood the benefits of training healthcare providers in Cardiopulmonary resuscitation . The structured approach to an Emergency Care, algorithms of AHA, European resuscitation guidelines are slowly finding their way to the heart and soul of those involved in the field of intensive care, EMS and pre-hospital care.


Why do we train?

We have been operating ground ambulance services for the past 15 years. This made our staff Nurses Doctors and paramedics at Goodmans Rescue go through various training programs BLS, ACLS, Critical care training modules, eFAST -Ultrasound in Emergency care including regular training programs and large no of medical updates.

Regularly handling critically ill patients and running EMS services, it was natural for us to start training others, sharing firsthand experience and imparting what we have learned. More so people around us wanted us to start training more and more personnel, since our training is more honest and actually evidence based.

So we started our training school which grew into a Skills lab primarily focused into training modules of Pre hospital care and Emergency medical service involving ground and air Ambulance services. We chose to teach what we do every day for a living.

So mentioned below is a list of short and long coursed which we do on regular basis and some we can deliver when we have the right no of candidates such as Aero-medical training which involves large no of permissions and paper work which is done at the with BCCI and airport authorities in Delhi .

Current courses
  • Heart saver courses - Adult and pediatric CPR. For general public and healthcare provider and school children.
  • First aid and Basic life support courses for school children.
  • First responder courses - The standard course for public safety and Healthcare provider. Specialized and focused program for swimming pool guards.
  • Industrial first aid training - Integrated medical emergency Response training for Industry and corporation
  • Disaster management maps and plans for industries, buildings, and housing societies.
  • Moving and handling patients for Nurses and hospital staff.One day workshop to impart skills about safe transfer of the patients.
  • Ambulance technician: Duration 10 weeks I Minimum qualification secondary school I commercial vehicle driving license
  • Basic - Aeromedical training - Aero-medical evacuation On Charter aircrafts flights Aircraft used : PC 12 . Duration 3 days.
  • Advance aero-medical training - Commercial airline for medical transfers 3 days includes online, classroom and hands on the aircraft and airport visits.

Please note Valid and current passport required for the aero-medical course. Restrictions may apply for foreign nationals.