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Covid Care Services

Covid Positive patients - on home quarantine

  • Tele-consultations by Whatsapp and Google meet .+919811412126.
  • Group education for family on Zoom .

Home visit by a Doctor : We can visit Covid 19 positive patient at home and examine to provide complete medical care & update you correctly on the course of treatment and need and time for hospitalization .We follow Indian guidelines for treatment of COVID 19 patients .



Our team of Doctors work in COVID ICUs of Delhi NCR and have the best personal protective equipment used Worldwide .

We medical team uses 3M PAPR

3M Versaflo TR300 Powered Air Turbo Unit - YouTube

Ground transfers for COVID 19 positive patients ;

We provide ambulances Basic life support , Advance life support for transporting patients form home to hospitals or within the hospitals in case patient needs to go to higher centers for further treatment like ECMO .

We also provide medical care services for patients which are discharged from the hospital after treatment with SARS Covid 2 virus or SARI as per the WHO global influenza surveillance standards which define the surveillance case definitions for influenza-like illness (ILI) and severe acute respiratory infections (SARI).


Awareness programs on COVID 19

We can conduct online training programs on Zoom / Webinar on any platform to teach and train healthcare workers , aviation crew , office going people and the those groups which require to update knowledge and information about the latest management of COVID 19, what to do , how to handle the office , work flow and the sanitization of the work environment .

The lectures are delivered by the Doctors working with the patients and treating COVID 19 patients in the intensive care units .


Helpline Number :+91-11-23978046 I Toll Free : 1075 Helpline Email ID : ncov2019@gov.in I Covid-19 facilities in States & Union Territories

International travel : Revised guidelines August 02,2020 INDIA


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