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Air ambulances

Goodmans Rescue is one of the India's oldest and trusted aero-medical operators, providing a complete air ambulance service for assistance and evacuations within India and the rest of the world. We have vast repatriation experience, our expert team of medical staff, office /dispatch crew is totally focused on making each journey as safe, and as comfortable as possible. The air ambulance flight team and aircraft is selected to suit your requirements, so you can be sure of the right crew to take care of your patients. We do not own our own aircrafts and none of the medical assistance companies do at present in India .

There are strict DGCA rules for operating Air ambulance flights and these aircrafts have to be fitted with the Specific flight safe stretchers. We only use the DGCA certified aircrafts for air ambulance operations.


Domestic fixed wing charters .

Cessna 90 , B 200 , Citation XL , Pilatus . All these aircrafts are subject to availability and we choose according to the requirement . The choices are primarily cost driven , which is understood . Hence we request you to mail the medical condition and one of the members of our team shall give you best possible choices .

The aircraft we shall use for the evacuation would have a tail no which we will send you before takeoff. You can see the condition and registration on the DGCA website. dgca.nic.in/aircraft/reg-ind.htm

Commercial Flights (Domestic)

We can transfer critically ill patients by commercial Flights as “Stretcher case” This requires prior booking and medical clearances. May take up-to 3working days. We provide Certified Medical Crew-with Equipment.

Airlines -Air India and , Spice jet.

Air Ambulance Transfer via Commercial airline: International

Some facts about stretcher transfers on International airlines

  • SThe process of booking and its confirmation may take even up to 10 days. It involves lots of emailing, exchange of medical information within the airlines and the hospitals at both the ends .
  • Seats for stretcher transfer fees once paid are non refundable by almost all airline. So in case the medical condition of the patient deteriorates on or a day before the transfer the fee paid to airlines is not refunded.
  • Most travel agents would not be able to book a stretcher flight for you. If you wish to choose one yourself please ascertain they have the capacity and experience of doing so in the past.
  • No one gets any miles for the travel as stretcher case / bookings / neither the patient nor the relative
  • No one - Neither the travel agent / medical assistance company nor anyone else involved in booking a stretcher case gets any benefits from the airlines.

Lufthansa PTC:

  • The world's unique intensive care unit on intercontinental flights .
  • We have mentioned about this service here for a reason that many a times patient or their attendant / hospitals looking for air ambulance services do not know about the services provided by Lufthansa . And it is of great help most of the times.
  • This service provides ICU in the air is one of its kind services . We can transport safely almost all kinds of critically ill patients subject to clearing infections norms for intercontinental transfer. These forms and paperwork will be made available once you choose to travel in the PTC .
  • The cost of Lufthansa PTC is half the cost of dedicated Air ambulance services within two destination.
  • The medical personnel at Lufthansa are helpful in all respects from the time we activate them till the time of execution of the flight.
  • The PTC has every equipment that you may need during the transfer – which included drugs disposables and monitoring devices .

We can organize a Lufthansa PTC for your needs to travel from one part of the World to another with the best medical crew and the safest air ambulance equipment available in the World. Email : emsindia@gmaill.com PTC Lufthansa https://t.co/9mT60NV28X https://t.co/BmKwUlC5KK

International Medical Charter Flights.

We can fly to any part of the World from Delhi or Mumbai within One day notice with Medical crew and dedicated .With the best and Flight safe medical equipment.

We can fly Direct to Singapore with one day notice. Flights to London and USA organized within two days. Aircrafts - Jet Challenger 850 I Hawker Xp900 I Gulfstream I Citation XL and Many More options available on case to case basis.

Charter Wide bodied aircrafts.

In case of large no of travelers in Quarantine time , we can organize special flights with close liaison with MEA and DGCA and can do flights for passengers up to 300 at one time . These can be 77WR with economy and business configuration. B 737-700 can also be used to ferry more than 150 passengers at one time .

Aircrafts of any type and size can be organized for mass evacuation, disaster management /mass causality /managing natural calamities . We can activate the services even with liaison with IAF and BSF on need basis.

All this is because we are more than 20 years into providing air ambulance services and have been doing this with utmost care , responsibility , dedication and honesty.