About Us

Welcome to Goodmans Rescue

Goodmans Rescue is engaged in the provision of quality medical assistance & medical transport facilities in the pre-hospital settings in Emergency and non-emergency conditions.

Goodmans Rescue is a Doctor run, medical assistance company, staffed by qualified and experienced medical personnel. The main areas of work are Inter-facility transport by Ground and Air ambulances, EMT training , event medical cover / standby medical services . Community first aid training is our new role which we have started to play to teach the school students basics of first aid and Cardio pulmonary resuscitation.


We would like to mention here that Inter-facility transport requires a unique set of skills, distinct from the traditional training. It is essential that personnel utilized to provide care during inter-facility transport be regularly trained, familiar current trends in Emergency medicine and have positive attitude .

We are always ready to fulfill unique demands of Pre hospital care be it ground or aero-medical transport ,always are prepared and equipped to handle the variety of unforeseen emergencies and situations requiring quick thinking and implementing most relevant corrective measures and life saving decisions during transport.

We provide well equipped state of the art ACLS ambulances with latest medical Equipment in pre hospital care for transporting critically ill patients. We always adapt best practices and innovate constantly. It’s been more than 20 years that we have been learning and adapting ways that help in smooth and safe transfer of the patient.

We have been providing ground and air ambulance services since 1998 . We were one of the first private medical assistance company to start the transport of critically patients on charter and commercial airliners within India. We started Worldwide operations of transporting patients by Commercial airliners from the year 2000.

We are playing a responsible role in the transport of COVID 19 patients to Covid centers and transporting them back home after hospital discharge .Since we have adequate PPEs and PAPR for Doctors and medical crew we are also seeing patients at home suffering from Covid 19.

It is pertinent to mention that we have been providing the Ground ambulances to the service of the nation on the 15th of August Independence day and 26th of January every year to the State for Event and medical security at India Gate and Red fort for the past 22 years dedicatedly year after year with no cost to the Ministry of health and family welfare.