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New Delhi is the national capital of India. A truly international city in every way. We have visitors from all parts of the World coming to Delhi for business, education, sightseeing, recreation and medical tourism.

Delhi belly is not the only ailment visitors to Delhi suffer from. Medical emergencies are never the part of the travel plan , and it is a nightmare even to find a Doctor in a city where you are traveling for the first time . for even getting a minor Tetanus shot !


We provide comprehensive care and treatment of most day to day medical ailments faced by the travelers visiting our country. Including finding the alternative medication for you that has been left in the bag that did not arrive with you upon your arrival in India , we will help in every possible way.

We provide medical consultation and travel vaccination including Yellow fever vaccination .

Now in the year 2020 when the complete World is facing the Corona virus Pandemic , we can help you with treatment , update you with the quarantine requirements of various cities of India and even help you get admission in Corona ward and intensive care units - state owned and private .

Our services include
  • Medical assessment for safe flight. Especially for elderly with medical illnesses and disorders which might pose a challenge to safe travel. The Doctors providing medical fitness are trained and experienced in Aviation medicine.
  • Fitness to travel for Domestic and international travel.
  • Treatment of travel related illnesses of our guests in India.
  • Preventive vaccination for travel to Africa. Yellow fever vaccination is administered subject to availability. We provide valid certificate and documents post vaccination.
  • Travel advisory for travel to endemic zones.
  • Adult vaccination.

Yellow Fever,Influenza,Meningitis,Chickenpox,Hepatitis B, hepatitis A,Cholera,Cervical Cancer,Adacel Polio(Pertusis,Tetanus,Diphtheria and Polio),Oral Polio,Tetanus,MMR(Measles/Mumps/Rubella) both for adults and children. It is better to cheq the availablity of the vaccine before you come for vaccination .

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